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Smart & interactive campaign solutions from cause to cultural campaigns that resonate with motivated consumers view portfolio

Branded Video Production

All of the horsepower and quality. None of the bureaucracy and fluff..A/K offers a full range of integrated communications capabilities including public relations, marketing, digital/social media, web development/design, crisis communications, financial communications, employee/labor communications and sustainability/CSR communications. Learn more about our areas of expertise.

Brand Accountability Partner

Brand development, presentation and protection are each essential parts of the communications efforts every organization must undertake. Printed materials, digital presence, logo/brand iconography, messaging for internal/external communications and other brand impressions come together to form an organization’s “story,” and our creative/design team helps our clients take their storytelling to the next level..

Event PR

Boost your sponsor appeal by adding the most important asset associated press coverage. Our team of experts truly love event pr management. It's that WOW! moment we receive from client that lets us know where following our vocational calling..

Branded Web Development

Our in-house digital and web development team utilizes the latest tools and technology available to facilitate the development of an improved digital presence and streamline the actual process of web design..

We are a team of three

Tam Lawrence

Director of Communication, Lobbyist and Publisher of Exposure Magazine reaching over 2.5 million online readers with 86,000+ addition, Lawrence operates a news, magazine lifestyle podcast called, Black Cision.airing on iTunes, Google Play and Spotfiy

Jason Campbell

Absolutely amazing and talented team player with over several years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies..

Eric Posters

Jason keeps our office busy with his creative rush and outstanding love for excellence..

Smart & Result Driven Collaborations foster great ways to grow your business Ms. Lawrence is an expert at negotiations and making connections.